E-6 Responsibility in Public Statements ©

Please note: The items in section E of the Fifth Edition Task List correspond to the sections of a separate document, the Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts (2020), which went into effect on January 1, 2022. There is no substitute for reading the code in its entirety and discussing it with supervisors/colleagues. The information contained below is just a short overview of each section. If you need ethics guidance about a particular issue, please make sure you are talking to a competent professional about your specific concerns.

This item covers Section 5 of the Ethics Code, which includes Ethics Standards 5.01 to 5.11. In this section, you will find expectations about a good ambassador for behavior analysis when we communicate in public, including online – such as making sure that we keep clinical collaboration off of social media and using testimonials responsibly. 

What stands out? Practitioners and students may wish to pay particular attention to Ethics Standard 5.10 (Social Media Channels and Websites).

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