Review Session Slides

Want to review our slides from a previous live review session? Look no further!

Feel free to use these review session slides to help you study or support others! Please give credit to when sharing our content. Check out the review slides below!

Review Session Slideshows

A1 – A5 Philosophical Underpinnings

B1 – B8 Concepts and Principles, Part 1

B9 – B12 Concepts and Principles, Part 2

B13 – B15 Concepts and Principles, Part 3

C1 – C7 Measurement, Data Display, and Interpretation, Part 1

C8 – C11 Measurement, Data Display, and Interpretation, Part 2

D1 – D6 Experimental Design

E1 – E7 Ethics

F1 – F5 Behavior Assessment, Part 1

F6 – F9 Behavior Assessment, Part 2

G1 – G8 Behavior Change Procedures, Part 1

G9 – G13 Behavior Change Procedures, Part 2

G14 – G16 Behavior Change Procedures, Part 3

G17 – G22 Behavior Change Procedures, Part 4

H1 – H9 Selecting and Implementing Interventions

I1 – I8 Personnel Supervision and Management

Test Taking Strategies and Managing Test Anxiety

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