Clelia Sigaud

Hi! I’m Clelia Sigaud, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst – Doctoral based in New England. My background is in special education, with a focus on individuals with developmental and intellectual disabilities. I have a Master’s degree in Special Education, a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, and a PsyD in School Psychology. In addition to the BCBA-D credential, I am also a certified school psychologist. I completed a split postdoctoral fellowship, first serving individuals with severe problem behavior at the Neurobehavioral Unit at the Kennedy Krieger Institute in Maryland, and then serving students and educational teams through the Southeastern Regional Education Service Center (SERESC) in New Hampshire. I’ve been very lucky to work in public and private settings in direct care, instructional, and clinical roles. I have experience teaching undergraduate introductory psychology, as well as behavior analytic courses at the graduate level.

I’d like to extend sincere thanks to all the individuals who made this site possible – the behavior analysts who helped write content, those who proofread and gave me feedback, my wonderful graduate students who expressed the need for such a resource, and the fine folks who guided my non-tech-savvy-self through the website process!

I love my field and am happy to contribute to the ABA community by providing free, accessible content to help support mastery of ABA terms and concepts! If you have any ideas for ways to improve the site, please connect with me on the Contact Me page. Thanks for stopping by and happy studying!


Patrick Jecmen

Hello! I am Patrick Jecmen, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst in Illinois. I graduated from Illinois State University with my BS in Special Education in 2012, and was a special education teacher for 7 years in both therapeutic and public school settings. I attended the University of Southern Maine from 2019-2021 while serving as a special education coach for a K-12 district. I graduated with a Master’s degree in Educational Psychology, gained certification, and now serve as a BCBA for a suburban elementary school district in Illinois.

I am passionate about the dissemination of behavior analysis, and providing safe, dignified services. I feel very honored to contribute to a platform that centers equitable access to our wonderful field.  

Are you interested in contributing to our work at LearningBehaviorAnalysis.com? Get in touch using the Contact page!

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